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Local Designers Talk Pros and Cons of the LA Fashion Industry

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After the Mayor's unveiling of the winning Designed/Made in Los Angeles logo on Monday, the Cooper Design Space hosted a conversation yesterday with LA-based designers to talk about manufacturing and designing in the City of Angels.

The panelists included Rachel Pally of Rachel Pally, Mitra Khayyam of Blood is the New Black and Spencer Nikosey of Killspencer with Unique LA's Sonja Rasula moderating.

The designers shared the process of creating their own brand in LA and despite the challenges, it seemed as if all three agreed on why they prefer to work close to home—local design and production provides interaction amongst a team, helping to create a community.

Control over the final product is another issue. Though there are tons of factories overseas that can turn out a collection quickly, they're not necessarily as responsive as the LA alternatives. As Rachel Pally mentioned, "On the rare occasions that I've had to do work with China, it takes forever to even get an answer [to my questions]."

Does this new push to recognize and support local manufacturing make you want to support more LA designers?—Stephanie Chan
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Cooper Design Space

860 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA