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6 Pieces of Hippie Wisdom from Model/Actress Erin Wasson

Image via <a href="">Into the Gloss</a>
Image via Into the Gloss

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Sometimes, Los Angeles residents get stereotyped for being a...bit hippie dippie. Let's just say that model, actress, jewelry designer and Venice hangabout Erin Wasson isn't doing much to dispense of this notion in her Into the Gloss profile. In the article Wasson ruminates on all sorts of things, from the industry that made her famous to not buying into trends to the difficulty of acting versus modeling. A few notable quotes:

1. On her career: "You know, my whole thing is being a conduit of creativity. It sounds totally esoteric and hippie, but the more things that you can do to challenge yourself, test yourself, and find a new medium of creativity?I'm all about it."

2. On the fashion industry: "Trends are scary. I think they totally hold us by golden handcuffs. It's really unfortunate that women feel?that we have this desire to covet things that might personify something we're trying to gain access to."

3. On the modeling world: "I always used to say that you could tell the girls who lost their virginity between seasons. It's like, at the end of the day, if you haven't had sex then you can't sell sex—let's be real."

4. On her skincare routine: "It's all based on different rocks and stones that have been blessed by shamans."

5. On her hair: "Every day, after I go in the ocean, what I do with my hair really depends on what I'm doing afterwards...I don't even shampoo my hair."

6. On her body art: "I started getting tattoos when I was 17. I don't have a grand plan with my tattoos, never. I'm the girl who just thinks up something as I'm walk into a tattoo parlor and I'm getting it an hour later. I believe in ornamentation of the body?I believe if you feel it, you should just do it."

There's much, more more—including Wasson's thoughts on the Isabel Marant phenomenon and details about her facialist/spiritual healer, plus a bunch of pretty photos. The entire article is definitely worth a look, especially if you're a fan.
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