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Here is the Winning Designed/Made in LA Logo

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While shows and presentations are taking place through the end of this week for Los Angeles Fashion Week, market week started yesterday with big news. At an DTLA party celebrating the companies who produce and manufacture in LA, Mayor Villaraigosa revealed the winning design for the Designed/Made in Los Angeles initiative.

Of the 21 logos that Angelenos voted for on the mayor's Facebook page, the winning design was created by Youth Monument's art director Colby Long. Comprised of a hand holding a sewing needle surrounded by the words "Designed & Made in Los Angeles," the logo will be available for LA-based clothing and jewelry lines to use on printed and woven garment tags and on their websites.

"With 10,000 fashion-related companies employing 100,000 people, our city has the tools to get you from pattern design to movie premiere," said Mayor Villaraiogsa. "The goal of the Designed/Made in Los Angeles initiative is to help this industry continue to grow and thrive."

According to the mayor's office, 19 local designers and manufacturers have signed on to the initiative including American Apparel, Youth Monument, LoudLove Jewelry, Popomomo, Petro Zilla, Again, THVM, Cerre, Dream Collective, Edith Palm, Bohemian Society, Lavuk, Belle N. Matisse, Mila Hermanovski, Jenny Dayco, Penelope and Coco, Sires Eyewear, 722 Figueroa Brands and Axthelm Collection. Given, that's 19 out of 10,000—but it's a start.

What are your thoughts on the winning logo?—Stephanie Chan
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