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Rain Delayed Luciana Salamone's White Out Runway Show

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Bloggers, photographers and several girls in skinny jeans patiently played on their iPhones waiting for the Luciana Salamone Spring 2013 Presentation to begin at the Carondelet House. The fashionably late runway show featured 15 looks and three quick-changing models. The slow start was blamed on inclement weather. "The show will be pushed back to acknowledge that it's LA and it's raining, and people are late when it's raining," a representative from the Los Angeles Fashion Council notified the attendees.

Once the show was underway the Canons and Nikons were put to work as guests snapped shots of curly-headed models in sky-high heels dressed in lots of sheer, white pieces. From far away it was hard to distinguish between the looks, but up close it became obvious that the true beauty of the garments lay in the details.

As the last model made her way down the runway, careful not to trip, the photographers continued chatting and the ground outside had already dried.—Catherine Wright
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