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Kate Somerville Makes Us Rethink Our Sunscreen Habits

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This week, skincare expert Kate Somerville hosted press at her well-appointed Melrose Place salon and spa to preview her new offerings for spring. She's releasing an update on her popular tanning towelettes (face-specific towels that exfoliate and moisturize), a new and cool-sounding facial treatment called the DermalQuench Liquid Lift that foams onto your skin to reduce everything from wrinkles to brown spots to acne (watch Kate explain it herself when it goes on sale on QVC January 27), a new cleanser named Moisture Milk, and a daily moisturizer with broad-spectrum SPF 20 that will debut online in April.

Given that we live in one of the sunniest areas in the country, that last product is of particular interest. Kate explained that she created it for women who want the convenience of a combo moisturizer-sunscreen product, something that she previously had been against because "with most moisturizer-sunscreen combos, the moisturizer doesn't sink in and the sunscreen does and then you end up breaking out because many sunscreens contain irritating chemicals." Apparently it's better to apply a moisturizer, let it sink in, and then apply a sunscreen that will sit on top of your skin to protect you. Her new combo, named Daily Deflector Moisturizer, is designed to replicate that two-step process. Who knew?
· Kate Somerville [Official Site]