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LA Denizens Jump on Popchips and Vita Coco Deal

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Nothing feeds a hangover like salty snacks and coconut water, which might explain why Gilt City's combo deal—41% off a six-pack Vita Coco and six bags of Popchips (for a total cost of $18)—is all sold out. The sale went live Monday at 4pm; interested customers can add themselves to the waitlist should more become available. According to a Gilt City customer service rep, Vita Coco is featured quite often on the site so this wasn't your last chance to snag it at a discount, though they're unsure when it will go on sale again. If you really need the stuff you should just head over to Whole Foods, where it seems like every day there's some sort of deal on coconut water.
· Vita Coco [Gilt City]