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Consignment at Ampersand; Adrienne Maloof's Shoe Selection

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LARCHMONT—Self-described lifestyle expert Sally Horchow has launched a new website to share her thoughts on food, life, travel and more. In a recent installment she takes some clothes to newish consignment shop Ampersand. Watch the video, above, for tips on selling your used stuff. Horchow ended up making $300 on her consigned items, which she in turn spent on "custom leopard pumps from Milk & Honey if you must know." [Very Good Looking]

BEVERLY HILLSAccess Hollywood took their video cameras inside Real Housewife Adrienne Maloof's shoe closet room to film her extensive collection of Choos and Louboutins—four to five hundred pairs in total. Of course, there's a reason she's showcasing her love of footwear. In the clip, Maloof also promotes her new shoe line with Charles Jourdan. [OMG!]