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Andrew Christian's Favorite Taco Stand is in Atwater Village

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Los Angeles has more stores than anyone could physically tackle, but somehow we always keep returning to the usual suspects. To break out of the rut, we've asked some local shopping and fashion gurus to provide their hidden retail gems—those unique stores around LA that we might not all know about. Cue the Beatles: We're about to get a little help from our friends.

Photo via Hugo's Tacos

Whenever underwear designer Andrew Christian needs a break from taking care of his West Hollywood flagship store, he heads to Hugo's Tacos, a walk-up taco stand that he regularly takes his VIP customers and clients to. But be careful, too many tostadas and you won't be able to fit into your nautical-themed jockstrap.

"Desperate for a quick lunch and vaguely remembering someone mentioning the name Hugo's Tacos, I decided to stop by this no-frills walk-up taco stand, the type that you only find in Los Angeles. I went to the window and was amazed at the selection of fresh ingredients, including soy chorizo, and the bourgeois-sounding sauces on the painted menu. After placing my order, I took to my feast on my plastic tray and sat down at one of the outside tables bolted to the ground. The meal was amazing and ever since, whenever I have to entertain certain VIPs for lunch, I take them to here. The shock on their faces when I show them where we are eating is almost as delightful as the meal. I later leaned that Hugo's Tacos is related to the famous Hugo in West Hollywood, which explains great food. I love a twist on anything traditional...a gourmet restaurant opening a taco stand is just perfect."

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Hugo's Tacos

3300 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039