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Ashley Paige's New Studio Inspired by Warhol's Factory

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When LA swimwear designer Ashley Paige landed the coveted corner space on Sunset that was previously occupied by Vintage Gear Hollywood, she knew that she had big shoes to fill. That's why instead of building out a run-of-the-mill retail boutique, she decided to maximize her prime real estate and create a lively concept studio akin to The Factory that Andy Warhol made famous in the '60s.

Similar to the pop culture icon, Paige has formed a creative playground for her entourage of artists, designers, photographers, and, of course, celebrity fans like DJ/model, Caroline D'Amore. She and her crafty friends use the back of the studio to experiment on new designs, conduct photo shoots, collaborate on art projects, brainstorm, and hang. The front is dedicated to the store's retail offerings, where you can shop Paige's swimwear collections as well as items from various independent labels.

Although the designer's new shop is still in its soft launch phase, she invites you all to stop in, say hi, and peruse the for-sale merchandise. Click through the slideshow to see the current set-up, and stay tuned for future party invites, because Paige revealed to us that there are tons of art shows, fashion fetes, and Warholian shindigs in store.
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