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Behold Joyrich's Poptastic Wonderland on Melrose

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Visiting Joyrich's flagship boutique on Melrose is like taking a mini trip to Tokyo. Just like Japan's hyperactive capital, the LA clothing brand and retailer's space is oozing with creativity to provide cult label shoppers with an insane amount of inspiration. To match Joyrich's ever-evolving streetwear offerings, their design team makes it a point to switch up the in-store visual at least once a month, which is why their loyal local patrons and international customers keep coming back for more.

Joyrich's January display is dedicated to the brand's spring 2012 looks that are inspired by '60s wild child style, pop art, and Americana. They also took a hint from their overseas outpost located in the heart of the Harajuku shopping district and spruced up the shop with out-of-the-box add-ons, like a pop-up called the "Pink House" that features a preview of what to expect from their second store that's opening late May across the street.

That's right: Joyrich has outgrown itself and is set to launch an additional retail space located at the former Melrose Sports Gear spot at 7703 Melrose Avenue. If you're wondering what their new digs will stock, the brand's retail department director Takuya Takahashi tells us that the space will host non-Joyrich brands like Vivienne Westwood and the Jeremy Scott x Adidas collab, as well as books, magazines, art, and housewares. The existing flagship will house Joyrich's namesake brand and fashion collaborations.

While we wait with baited breath for the new store to unveil, flip through the gallery to see the flagship's current eye candy.
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