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Lisa Kline's New Project To Be "World's 1st Boutique Marketplace"

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When Lisa Kline shuttered her last store on Robertson Boulevard, she told her clients that she was "moving into the internet space which I believe is the future." A few weeks ago, Los Angeles Magazine spoke with Kline to glean some details about her new online shop, named Vaniti. At the time, they described it as "an online Robertson Boulevard with virtual storefronts featuring her handpicked lines and a reinvented Lisa Kline boutique, this time stocked with her own label."

Today California Apparel News has more details on the venture, which sounds a little more complex than previously described. Vaniti will be a collection of e-boutiques, each built by its own brand. Companies will then be able to "sell products directly to consumers and post videos, line sheets and other media. They'll also be responsible for their own sales and fulfillment." Vaniti will make its money off of commission from sales. Kline and her co-founders describe the site, somewhat grandly, as the "world's first boutique marketplace." It's scheduled to launch this spring.
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