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Fred Segal Markdowns Hit 75%: What That Really Means

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Today, the discounts have officially reached 75% off at Fred Segal Santa Monica. The flier, above, is a bit misleading though. For the Fred Segal novice, that means that some—but not all—boutiques at the Fred Segal have merchandise marked 75% off. We spoke with quite a few salespeople this morning to verify that each store has a section that is at least 50% off with some upping the discounts to 2/3rds off and others increasing them to 75%. Below, a sampling of the sales.

· At Fred Segal Conveyor: Save 50% on men's sneakers and 66% on men's clothes save for pants (which are 75% off). Women's shoes are 75% off.
· At Fred Segal Girl: Save 50% on select items (as indicated on the tag); purchase five or more sale items to save 75%. There are also two $19.99 racks.

· At Fred Segal Jet: About half the store is on sale (as indicated by signage and/or dots on tags); buy five or more items to save 75%. Purchase one to five items and receive half off.
· At Fred Segal Man: The discount is set right now at 50% off, but may go higher today depending on what the store's manager (who hadn't arrived yet) determines. That's on most of the store's fall/winter inventory.
· At Nina at Fred Segal: 66% off all jewelry in the "sale" section.
· At Fred Segal Trend Women: Shoppers must purchase five or more items to save 65%. Purchase one to five items and you'll save 50%.
· At Fred Segal Trend Men: Everything is 75% off.
· At Fred Segal Eyes: Save 50% on any one frame; buy two or more and save two thirds on the retail price.
· At Fred Segal Finery (men's): All fall/winter is 66% off; buy five or more items to bump that up to 75%

The sale ends this Sunday and we were assured that today is the last round of markdowns. Have you visited yet? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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