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Jewelers Paying For Placement on the Red Carpet

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Anne Hathaway at the Academy Awards. Photo via Getty.
Anne Hathaway at the Academy Awards. Photo via Getty.

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When one red carpet reporter asked Nicole Richie about her look at the Globes last weekend, Richie credited not only her dress and jewelry, but also the company responsible for her hair care—Suave Professionals. Suave and Richie have a newly-minted partnership and she seems to be the spokesperson for their Keratin Infusion line. The name drop wasn't subtle, but it wasn't surprising, either. The red carpet has emerged as a new place for celebs to earn income by promoting the goods they're wearing, especially fine jewelry.

Booth Moore dives into the subject in the LA Times, writing that: "For last year's Academy Awards, Tiffany & Co. reportedly paid Anne Hathaway $750,000 to wear Tiffany jewels onstage while she was hosting the event. And Gwyneth Paltrow was rumored to have picked up a $500,000 paycheck to wear pieces from Louis Vuitton's L'Ame du Voyage fine jewelry collection." Jewelers don't like to talk publicly about these deals, but "over the last few years some labels have acknowledged having 'contractual relationships' with stars."
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