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Endless Summer: Love Shop Brings Bali-Inspired Togs to Melrose

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The grass is always greener on the other side, innit? If you have straight hair, you want curls. Your married friends envy your commitment-free lifestyle, while you wish for a steady to come home to. And apparently, if you live in the unblemished, chilly beauty of Scandinavia, you will dream of the tropical climes of Bali. At least, that's the impression we get from the Love Shop, the new Melrose boutique housing the Denmark brand of the same name. Designer and proprietor Carsten Schlamovitz became a little obsessed with the easy-breezy fashions he discovered on his global backpacking adventures -- and needed a way to continue to fund his explorations. Boom, Love Shop was born.

This may be the first you've heard of them, though the brand has been doing brisk business all over Europe, Japan, Australia and even here, too. Schlamovitz’s fashions have already been draped around the lithe bodies of starlets like the Hilton sisters, Halle Berry and Tori Spelling, so the move to open up a bricks-and-mortar in LA was inevitable. For now, Schlamovitz is keeping it simple: a light and airy store, no-nonsense merchandising, and prices that are too good to argue with. Try tops from $25, silk dresses from $79-$149, skirts from $59-$119, and silk scarves from $29-$75. They're open noon to 7pm, seven days a week.
· Love Shop [Official Site]