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Swedish Import Nudie Jeans Open an Outpost off Melrose

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Who says high-end denim is dead? Not the Swedes, that's for sure. Nudie Jeans are pretty much the polar opposite of that other Swedish import, Ikea: where Ikea is cheap, practical and bland, Nudies are edgy and spendy (some of the selvage jeans go for as much as $600 a pair). And unlike Ikea, Nudie has done all the work for you, providing denim that looks perfectly aged, weathered and worn in. The brand just opened an outpost off of Melrose that combines a casual California sensibility with Swedish design. (No, there's not a lick of Ikea in the place). They're open Thursday-Saturday 11am – 7pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm.
· Nudie Jeans [Official Site]