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Learn LA's Dirtiest Secrets from an Insider; The Real Steve Madden to Hold Court at the Grove

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At right, Michal Gregus; left is Steve Madden (yup, really)
At right, Michal Gregus; left is Steve Madden (yup, really)

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MELROSE AVE—This Wednesday, Decadestwo.1 is throwing a party and hosting a reading for You Want Me to Do What?, Michal Gregus' often hilarious and scintillating memoirs from his experiences as a Hollywood errand boy. The book sounds LOLable (he was asked to have 12 baby ponies spraypainted pink for a little girl's birthday), and we're assured it's full of juicy tidbits and dirt. Michal starts reading at 7:30, so you'll probably want to show up at 7 to shop a little bit and still have time to sit down. 8214 Melrose Ave. [Racked Inbox]

THE GROVE—The man, the myth, the legend: Steve Madden is doing a personal appearance at Nordstrom this Saturday. The event will be hosted by Julissa Bermudez, and we're told fans can expect some pleasant surprises. It's 2pm to 3:30 pm. [Racked Inbox]

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