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Think Pink: Fanciful Breast Cancer Fundraiser at the Falcon

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels, except as noted

As we start the ramp-up into Breast Cancer Awareness month, prepare to be overwhelmed with an onslaught of pink -- both BCA-themed events and pink products. The Kapture Vision-produced The LA Breast Cancer Fundraiser got an early jump on the month, and they kicked it into high gear with a rollicking party at the Falcon. Highlights included the burlesque antics of Hell's Belles, as well as fanciful installations with models wearing Leg Avenue Lingerie, Tarina Tarantino jewelry, and hair styled by Hairroin Salon. We've never seen so many people with bright pink hair in the same place, at the same time. (Yes, the highest-profile pinkhead, Tarina Tarantino, was in the house, as well.) We're bad at estimating crowds, but there were easily 500 people who showed up to drink liquid nitrogen cocktails, ogle the scantily clad models, and support the cause. The event originally started as a tiny little homegrown party, thrown in Kapture Vision proprietor Nilo G's backyard. Such humble origins make the pretty, polished and pink affair doubly impressive. You've come a long way, baby!
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