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Truck Full of Vintage Goodies; Eva Franco Sample Sale

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A few of Tin Box's precious goods.
A few of Tin Box's precious goods.

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ECHO PARK—There's a new niche truck on the streets: Tin Box of Curious Artifacts, purveyor of oddball trinkets, vintage memorabilia, tees, and comely little artifacts. They're making their debut tonight, setting up shop outside of Mohawk Bend (2141 West Sunset Blvd.) around 9pm. Or you can catch them tomorrow at the Frogtown Art Walk, 2900 Danby Avenue, from 4pm to 10pm [Racked Inbox]

DOWNTOWN—If you're a lover of pretty dresses -- and who isn't??? -- check out the Eva Franco sample sale. Big deals of up to two-thirds off retail on her frocks and whimsical yet work appropriate separates. Tonight until 8 and 11am to 6pm tomorrow. 731 S. Spring St., Suite 500 [Racked Inbox]