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New Salon The Establishment First Makes Over Itself, Then the Rest of LA

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You've heard the phrase "Physician, heal thyself" -- so how about "salon, make thyself over"? That's sort of the case with The Establishment, recently opened in Silver Lake. They took over a hum-drum office space, leveled and gutted it, and then created a refined yet accessible spot for clients to come in and get gorgeous. Three cheers to the design team, Derek Kistner and Stacie Meyer. Derek did the architectural stuff (other clients include our recently featured RTH, and Babycakes), and Stacie, who has also has created art and visual design work for high-profile clients that include LA's own beloved bar The Edison as well as the Venetian in Las Vegas, put her ethereal and artistic touch on The Establisment. When you take a look at the before and after pictures, you'll be convinced that if The Establishment can so totally transform itself, hair and skin must be easy-peasy.

The Establishment is a full service salon, from waxing to hair cut, color and blowouts to makeup and skin consultation. They're located on a fairly chill section of Rowena, just down the street from the late, great Coffee Table. They're open seven days a week.
· The Establishment [Official Site]

The Establishment Salon

2894 Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039 323-230-6100 Visit Website