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Standard Goods' 21st Century Approach to a General Store

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If we truly did live in a civilized country, there's be a lot fewer Walmarts and a lot more stores like Standard Goods, newly opened on Beverly. It's like a micro "one stop shop" for well-made essentials: clothing, accessories, furniture, books, music and even food. This is not to say that it's huge or stuffed with merchandise. Proprietor Garrett Colton has curated a just-so selection. He doesn't have a magical formula for the inventory -- he just carries stuff he likes made by people he likes. It's a mix from all over the globe: besides coffeebeans hand picked on Kona, the store carries the Swedish line Our Legacy, little trinkets and treasures Garret picks up on his travels, a small selection of LPs curated by Wombleton Records.

Right now they mainly cater to men; the store does carry a few handsome accessories (duffles, iPad and laptop cases, totes) that any fashionable female would do well to carry. Garret himself is an alum of Band of Outsiders, and while you're not going to find any suits in the store, there's a certain shared sensibility: even though Standard Goods' fare is way more on the casual end of things the predominant look is slightly fitted in a way that's forgiving but not sloppy. Spend just five minutes in the store, and we're sure you'll agree that there's something for everyone. They're open Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 6pm and 10am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.
· Standard Goods [Official Site]