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Rock N Roll Lifestyle Store TRIco Opens in Los Feliz

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The Los Feliz stretch of Hollywood Blvd. is developing its own mini man-clave -- on one end of the spectrum is the androgynous hipster fashions of American Apparel and urbane, dandiefied stylings of Confederacy; the there's the retro-rockabilly look of Glory, and now along comes TRIco. They up the testosterone quotient with tough-guy clothes, accessories and mewelry. If American Apparel is like a Starbucks Frappucino and Confederacy is like a gin and tonic, TRIco is like a shot of Jack Daniels -- poured onto a bowl of cereal, and eaten for breakfast. Tuff.

Here's the origin story: guy lifestyle magazine DicE has long published out of a small back room on Hollywood Blvd, and they just got the opportunity to take over the front space, and set it up as an extension of the magazine, featuring the wares of friends and lines they're fans of. Two of the brands they showcase in a big way is Dixie Clothing, based down in Long Beach, and The Great Frog, an accessories company from across the pond.

The Great Frog makes jewelry that's extra-super high-end badass. Their roster of clients is insane -- from Marilyn Manson, Slash and Iggy Pop to Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Pixi and Peaches Geldof and Kate Moss. Representing at the TRIco party of a couple of weeks ago were TGF fans Ewan McGregor and Lemmy from Motorhead, which is probably the first and last time those two names will be dropped in the same sentence. They do custom orders, so ladies, if you're looking at that demonic looking ram skull ring, you can probably get it made in a size 4. We kid -- actually, The Great Frog does some little rosette pieces that are more dainty that you'd think.

What's really exciting is that TRIco seems to be the first of a new wave of merchants setting up shop in that neighborhood. With plenty of interesting spots to eat and drink on the street -- like Umami Burger and Kovell Wine Bar, we could be heading for the (re)birth of a very cool shopping area.
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