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About That WeHo Target Restock?

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Nope, didn't happen. When we cruised by earlier today, there were literally two Missoni X Target items to be found in the entire store. The national mania this collection has induced is, frankly, freaking us out. If you're desperate and have more time than money (because you could, of course, log on to eBay which currently lists nearly 42,000 pieces, some of which have been marked up to 10X the sticker price -- and WHOA, we just watched an auction for the bike end, with the bike going for $1,500, plus $80 shipping), you can always try Targets in less fashion forward more far flung locations. We've received emails from readers who've had luck scoring items in Carson, Buena Park, and Cypress. So now you know.
***UPDATE***If you can believe what one of our tipsters heard at that Target this morning, you might think about making other plans. Supposedly, that store's allotment of Missoni merch is finito.
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