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Target Shoppers "Just a Bunch of Wild Animals"

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Oh, delicious, unverified hearsay! This hilariously pathetic nugget comes from a trusted source who reports that there WAS a Target X Missoni restock in West Hollywood, but if you weren't there by 7:30 in the morning and ready to brawl, you walked away empty handed. "There were already about 30 people gathered around the door waiting for them to open, and when they did, they ran, full speed to the Missoni areas. A few greedy people (3-4) filled their buckets with all the items that were still there (all house wares and very little of them -I saw a mug, multiple hand towels, and couldn’t identify anything else). I also saw a few baby doll sets on the rack and the heels in size 9.5. The best part of it all was that when everyone went charging in, one of the employees actually yelled “It’s all gone and we’re not getting any more!” She then referred to the customers as “a bunch of wild animals.” [Racked Inbox, Racked LA]