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Missoni X Target Launch: Over in 15 Minutes

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That multi-page ad in the September issue of Vogue paid off, as Missoni’s Target collaboration sold out in stores this morning in a matter of minutes. We checked out the South Culver City location, and at 7:45 found a line wrapping around the store. The women at the front of the line staked out at 5:30 AM, we were told.

Shoppers became restless as 8:00 AM approached. When the doors finally opened, only 5 people were allowed in at a time. One woman, separated from the rest of her party, shouted, "Sheets! Sheets!" to her shopping partners, as they dashed into the store. At 8:09, a Target representative came out to break the news to those still in line that their Missoni stock was already running low, and the line was released soon after.

We wish that we could give a report on the real-life appearance of the clothes, but when we got in the store at 8:11, all women's wear ? except for a black and white zig-zag-print shirt that looked straight out of 1988 and the wildly unattractive green corduroy coat -- was sold out. A few rejected women's knits were scattered on the floor of the women's department, and they already looked sadly stretched out of shape. Women's shoes appeared to also be sold out, and even the children's rainboots had been decimated. And housewares -- perhaps most predictably -- were sold out. The only thing that appeared to be left were very small-sized children's separates, which, from what we could see in shoppers' carts, may have been the best looking part of the collection, because they kept their shape. Making the rounds, we saw the line for the dressing rooms, and, perhaps most unfortunately, the woman begging for rejects as others exited the dressing room.

By 8:15, word was spreading throughout the store that everything, for all intents and purposes, was sold out. Sorry ladies -- unless you'e got a daughter, niece, or goddaughter under the age of 10 -- there's no coming late to this party, because it’s already over. (Text and photos by Mallory Farrugia)
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