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Is LA Safe from the Threat of the Dress Barn?

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Look, fashions from 2011's HOTTEST store. Really
Look, fashions from 2011's HOTTEST store. Really

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Of all the places on earth where one might look for pretty dresses, a barn doesn't exactly rank high on the last. But, inexplicably, there is a chain called the Dress Barn?and they are the hottest retailers of 2011. Stores Magazine recently published their list of Hot 100 Retailers -- stores were measured by their year-over-year growth. Dress Barn beat out Apple, Ulta, H&M, Brooks Brothers, and Radio Shack for the honor

If you're curious to see what an actual Dress Barn might actually look like, you'll have to travel: there are locations in Cerritos, Brea, Santa Clarita, San Dimas, and Thousand Oaks. None in LA?phew. At least, not yet.
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