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More Deets on Vosges Haut Chocolate in Beverly Hills

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First, the buried leded: There was a Nine West in Beverly Hills? Surprises us, but the old space at 311 N. Beverly Drive is the new home to fancy high-end chocolatier Vosges. It sounds way more high concept that Nine West ever was: the store is divided into three rooms, with the first being a gathering spot with art that explains the history of chocolate. The second room is supposed to be a super glitzy sales room with "dramatic, worldly flourishes are likely to let the place stand out even in glitzy Beverly Hills." (Odd, we didn't think it was that hard to sell chocolate.) And the third room is a Chocolate Theater with a Chocolate Lab (no, not a dog, but a place with beakers and test tubes, we gather). Chocoholics should be on the lookout for sometime in fall. [Eater]