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Don't Slack on the Deals at the Maria Cornejo/LD Tuttle Sample Sale

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We had a mule at the friends and family sale day for the Zero + Maria Cornejo/LD Tuttle sample sale. (And we feel bad for referring to her as a mule, since she's one of the prettiest and most fashionable people we know.) Though confines were too close for pictures, she brought us a full report of the action.

For Zero, there are about 8-10 racks of clothes. I spotted one rack of samples, color-coded dots starting from $50 to $200. There are mostly $150 pieces. Some silk blousy tanks with the gorgeous Zero prints she's known for and a LOT of knits and sweaters for about $150. In the heat, the knits were not being touched at all.Another rack of gorgeous silk dresses and linen dresses, all in gorgeous prints from $200-$300.

The other racks are priced at marked, running about 60% off retail, so between $250-$400. Mostly 2, 4 6's - some tops are so blousy they can fit size 8-10. They had everything from dresses, tops, jackets, shorts, pants and knits. The prints are so gorgeous!

The SHOES! Oh my gosh, on the far left wall, there were all the LD Tuttle. Most shoes ran about $150-$200. The highest was $225 but only a few. There were shoes from the VPL and Steven Alan collections. If you're lucky, you'll spot some for $50, $75, $100, and $125. Then were a few pairs of Zero booties and mules in bins for $100 (from $585). LD Tuttle sizes were from 37-41. Zero shoes (only a few in a bin) were mostly size 36 and 39, 40.
There were some accessories too in bins - random accessories like scarves and small belts for $50. There were "cosmic" sweatshirts and tshirts (or tanks?) for $68. Plain tanks and tees in grey, white and black for $38. Big leather belts in natural and black for $226. Wallet purses for $150. Finally, there are 2 separate registers - 1 for Zero stuff and 1 for LD Tuttle shoes.

(Ruth Estrada contributed to this report)
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