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Say It Ain't So: No More Barneys Warehouse Sale?

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The ugliest rumor that's surfaced in a long time: this may have been one of the Barneys Warehouse sales, ever. At least, that's what sister site Racked NY has heard through the grapevine. One of the biggest reasons for this suspicion? That the frenzied, take-no prisoners event just doesn't square with the new urbane, totally chic image the brand is trying to cultivate for itself. (Yeah, and what about Christmas collabing with meat dress wearing, S&M posing, prefabricated persona having Lady Gaga?) Racked NY's source seems to think that there may be at least one more sale in the works, so hopefully, you won't have to kiss those $175 Givenchy bags and $200 Louboutins goodbye just yet. [Racked NY, Gawker]

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