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When Le Fashion Truck's a Rockin', Do Come a Knockin'

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We finally caught up with Le Fashion Truck when the crew were the guests of honor at the party that Co-op 28 threw last Thursday. The mobile boutique rolled up Vermont and set up shop outside the Co-op. They welcomed a steady stream of curious onlookers throughout the night that included die-hard shoppers, dazed passers-by, and people who were pretty sure Le Fashion Truck was some elaborate ruse.

Le Fashion Truck is exactly what you think it is: a clothing store store on wheels. It's a super-cute idea, and it's paid off well by the cheery pink truck and its meticulously selected array of merchandise. There's a little something for everyone: there's brand new merchandise, a wide array of vintage clothes and bags, new jewelry, even makeup (for clarification: yes, the makeup is brand new, too). All of it mindbogglingly cheap -- most of the new sundresses were under $40, and the jewelry starts around $6. Crazy cheap!

Le Fashion Truck criscrosses the LA area, making stops at better flea events and parties, including First Fridays in Venice. They'll be back at Co-op 28 next month: the party was such a hit, it may become a regular thing. And for next month's bash, they'll also be rejoined by Annie Tevelin (a.k.a. the Skin Owl), a makeup artist who did something like super-fab ambush makeovers right outside the Co-op. We'll keep you posted on all the details.
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