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Only One Fashion Know-It-All Survived the Fashion Spelling Bee

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It was a night of fashion trivia and fashionable looks as some of LA's big fashion peeps took over The Standard to face off in the Fashion Spelling Bee. Rose Apodaca played MC as contestants including Steffie Nelson, Jasmin Shokrian, Christos Garkinos, Gregory Parkinson, Max Padilla, Natalie Joos and Ashley Avignone vied for the title of?well, there was no title, exactly. But there was a big fat prize: a deluxe VIP weekend getaway at The Standard.

Just like a spelling bee, the questions started off as softballs ("Which designer is currently in the midst of a legal brawl involving the copyright of his signature red sole design upon a shoe?") and got progressively harder ("What is the surname of the woman who founded Net-a-Porter?"). In the end, it was Steffie Nelson who reigned supreme and took home the trip. Awards notwithstanding, all of the contestants and audience members all looked like winners to us.
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