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Not Even Gaga Could Spoil a Mid-Summer Night's Sample Sale

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels, except where noted

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard shit got a little crazy in Hollywood last weekend. On Wednesday night, a bunch of ravers on drugs showed up, uninvited, to the premier of the Electric Daisy Carnival movie, and got a little aggro when they were denied entrance. Isn't ecstasy supposed to make you want to hug people, not throw Molotov cocktails? Yeah, so anyway, LA wasn't taking any chances with Thursday night's Lady Gaga concert for Jimmy Kimmel: a squadron of helicopters hovered in a holding pattern, while much of Hollywood Blvd. had been shut down, clogging surrounding streets and basically effing up life for most of the rest of us.

Ahem, but that only slowed down A Midsummer Night's Sample Sale, just a little bit. Yes, it was chilly out and yes, you occasionally had to yell to make yourself heard over the din of the copters, but it was a good turnout for a fun night of shopping and jams spun by DJ Sosupersam. The party in the Space 15 Twenty Courtyard brought a mix of vintage, jewelry, and new; old favorites alongside brand new friends. Witty handbag makers Thursday Friday brought some of their way-hyped trompe l'oiel canvas totes, many of which were festooned with puffs similar to the Louis Vuitton puffballs that almost caught on that one season after the rise of the furry tails. One of our newly discovered faves is Adore Vintage and their very princessy aesthetic. They offered pretty dresses, many in pink and white, a few with elaborate embroidery, lacy and general fanciness (without being overly stuffy). It's the kind of fare you'd don for a unicorn ride. On the opposite end of the spectrum was Laeken and their just right ratio of grungy to sleek and sexy tees, jacket and dresses. Up-and-coming LA jewelry lines Sophie Monet and Luv A.J. were also in the house, selling their wares at dirt cheap prices. We all went home with lighter wallets, but with bags of cute stuff and the warm fuzzy feelings from knowing we're supporting some great homegrown talent.
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