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Regentrification at Sunset Junction

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Looks so warm and inviting, doesn't it? Image via Curbed
Looks so warm and inviting, doesn't it? Image via Curbed

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So what do you call it when, after the rich people come into the poor neighborhood and remake it in their image, a wave of even richer people come in? That is apparently what's happening at the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica. First we learned that the area would get a little public art -- as sanctioned by "Silver Lake community stakeholders" (i.e., people with money). That concrete aisle by the Jiffy Lube will eventually be turned into something that looks like a big copper saddle -- all for the public good and civic pride!

Now, as it turns out, even bigger changes are coming: retail shops like Kelly Green, Bebop Designs, and Zachary's Smile have all been given the heavy-ho to make way for a housing development. It's supposed to happen fast: supposedly, by the end of September. (As you can see from this photo, snapped this morning, Bebop has already vacated.) The upside: expect some good deals.
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