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Loeffler Randall Celebrates 2 Years of Being on the Interwebs

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We cannot tell a lie: Loeffler Randall is probably is one of our top 3 favorite shoe lines ever. We were all SQUEEEE to find a note in our inbox about some of the new shoes now on the website (which just celebrated its birthday). And Jessie Randall and company have teamed back up with Suno to truly striking results. We've selected a few faves from the new season: the towering Suno platforms are so right for the lingering days of summer (and hopefully, and Indian fall), while the cutout booties, while being a little reminiscent of some recent Alexander Wang booties, feel fresh enough to give your fall/winter looks a kick in the pants.Also premiering on the site is the new Fall/Winter campaign images, shot by Hasse Nielsen. But who needs models when you have shoes this goregous?
· Loeffler Randall [Official Site]