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Cute Overload: Meowdy Opens in Los Feliz Village

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Look out Little Tokyo: Los Feliz Village seems to be cornering the market on retail cuteness. Meowdy just opened on Hillhurst, sandwiched between also-cute Spitfire Girl and not-exactly-cute Steve Alan Outpost. The store offers a whimsical shopping experience like what you'd get if you crossed Raggedy Threads with PopKiller -- and added a whole lot of cats. (In case it's not abundantly clear from the name, cats are their thing there. With a few unicorns, too. And while we're on the subject, can anyone explain to us the hipster chick fascination with owls?)

There's definitely a method to the Meowdy madness -- when you walk in, it's easy to get overloaded with all the cutesy, like the kitteh portraits, unicorn lamps, and explosion of 70s and 80s kitsch. But if you look around, you practical items that you can totally picture working with your wardrobe. In addition to the retro vintage dresses in garish prints (think JC Penny circa 1983), they also stock some very nice utility pieces that are very much of this era. Sweet little dresses, rompers and tees of assorted shapes -- starting around $20.

Meowdy carries some really great cheapy accessories too. Jewelry galore, an interesting selection of very good quality belts, and a plethora of bags, including a whole wall scavenged treasures. From the new section, we hearted the little rose wristlet and the zipper clutches (starting around $18). Their vintage collection is a true cornucopia -- everything from deliberately fug 80s bags to sweet little Bottega Veneta inspired woven clutches to real, vintage Coach bags that are apparently selling like hot cakes. Oh, and Meowdy does a brisk business in fanny packs. They're open Monday through Saturday, 11am to 10pm, Sunday 11am to 8pm.
· Meowdy [Official Site]


1939 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027 323-669-0061 Visit Website