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The Cobra Snake Shows Off His Twinkletoes at Havaianas Party

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You know how East Coasters enjoy bagging on California and saying, "Well, you don't have seasons out there."? They sort of have a point. About 8 months out of the year, you're just as likely to see someone wearing a pair of UGG boots as you are to see someone wearing Havaianas. While the former is a scourge and an affront to the sensibilities, Havaianas are functional, fun and fashiony. We're glad to be heading into one of the months where the UGGs get mothballed and people slip on the flipflops and let the sun shine on their tootsies.

Which means the Havaianas Mercado at Space 15 Twenty was timed just right. It's a flipflop popup, located on the Cahuenga side of the complex, with the sandals in every size and color combination possible. It's been open since the beginning of the month, and they just threw a party to make it official. The Cobra Snake served as the evening's official master of ceremonies, but the star attraction was the make-your-own Havaianas booth. (With close runners up being Them Jeans or the free Umami Burgers served up in the courtyard.) Mark was sporting a pair of ultra-customized numbers he picked up at NYFW: the flipflops had the straps bedazzled to spell out COBRA SNAKE. Fancy.

The Havaianas Mercado is open through the end of July. Hours: 11am to 9pm daily.
· Havaianas [Official Site]

Space 15 Twenty

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