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Forever 21 Doing What They Do Best: Copying People

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Forever 21 is like a big, bad Hollywood movie studio that just keeps ripping off borrowing the ideas of others for profit. And we point to exhibit 1,000,0005: the duplication of R. Land's Loss Cat character and tee. This is NOT one of those fuzzy cases of copyright infringement, but a pretty blatant cut-and-paste. Right down to the same picture. (Interestingly enough Loss Cat had been licensed to Urban Outfitters, a business that's no stranger to being on the bad end of copyright infringement lawsuits.) While we totally believe this story -- the sad fact of the matter is that over the weekend, we ourselves saw the Forever 21 pirated version of a friend's dress -- we can't find the actual F21 t-shirt online. Stay tuned?
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