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Lyric Culture Goes INXSexy

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Rock n' roll and fashion have had a long-standing relationship - from the concert outfits that have inspired the runway (and vice versa) to the countless models the world over who have been bedded by tousled lead singers. Lyric Culture takes that symbiosis one step further by creating a visual interpretation of rock music, emblazoning graphic tees with lyrics from some of the most iconic and beloved songs on your iPod. We got a sneak peak at the line's Electro Sexual collection - which was inspired by the '80s hits of the Aussie group INXS - last week during an irreverent show at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills, and we can attest that the blissful marriage between song and style is alive and well.

It's hard to know why they chose the name Electro Sexual (the model who walked the runway in a thong with song lyrics painted across her body shouldn't count, right?), but the clothes are definitely sassy and should hold up even for those who don't hold a special place in their heart for late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. The collection revolves around five different songs: "New Sensation," "Suicide Blonde," "Beautiful Girl," "Original Sin," and "Devil Inside." Although the song titles themselves are slogan tee-worthy, the nostalgia doesn't go as far as to merely update the "Frankie Says Relax" tee; Lyric Culture uses various images, printing techniques, cuts, and fabrication to bring the lyrics to fashion life. And a lot of the variations of the pieces come in the form of on-trend elements: shredded and braided sleeves, asymmetrical cuts (including the ever-popular mullet dress), ombre coloring, and stud and feather embellishments. The palette is mostly muted but not without color, infusing some pink, purple, blue and red. The entire collection is tough but feminine, as much rocker chic as rocker chick.

The collection, which features cover-ups and scarves in addition to the tees, tanks and dresses, will be coming to select retailers and specialty boutiques in Spring of 2012, so get ready to get your groupie on.
· Lyric Culture [Official Site]