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Los Feliz Street Fair and Fashion Festival

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In terms of sheer size and number of booths, the Los Feliz Street Festival easily rivals more glamorous (if you can call two days of drowning in your own sweat, walking around streets that reek of pee 'glamorous') neighbor Sunset Junction. But the big crowds didn't really come out on Sunday for the Fair's first go on Hollywood Blvd. People did, however, flock to the acrobatics, the bands, Best Fish Taco in Ensenada, and initially for the the runway show portion of the Los Feliz Fashion Festival, singlehandedly organized by the Stylesmith herself, Kelsi Smith. The appointed time came and went, the crowd dwindled -- it's one thing to ask a captive audience of world-weary fashion types to stay put inside an auditorium or hall, but when it's an outdoor event and you're competing with booze and a thousand other distractions, people are going to scatter. But about 45 minutes after the appointed time, models started streaming down the runway and the crowd once again crushed in.

The show featured new and recent looks from Southern California labels including Fluxus, 50 Dresses, Dominique Ansari, and Fluxus. Nothing new or novel went down the runway -- it was just a nice way to showcase fun summer clothes, many of which were available for purchase right at the fair. What a novel idea -- the same Fluxus dresses that went down the runway were also available at the brand's booth, for $25.

After the show, we browsed some of the wares. It was mostly an assortment of local East Side merchants and artisans. The booth that really called out to us was Sri Lalita clothing -- what can we say, we are suckers for an abundance of ruffles. The girls made the long hot trek all the way from West LA, bringing skirts and chunky corset belts with them. The brand is already a cult favorite: not just because of their skirts, but they offer assorted healing services, too (which totally takes the idea of retail therapy to new heights). Hopefully, in the very near future, we'll connect with them and bring you more on their unique products and sevrices
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