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Dripped Trunk Show is Le Freak, C'est Chic

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Friday night, we decided to see what newbie trunk show/art fest Dripped was all about. If we had to rate it based on its merits as a trunk show, we'd give it a five, or maybe six. But as an art/party/happening, it was easily a ten.

The reason for the (highly subjective) curmudgeonly marks on the trunk show front was that there wasn't a lot as much variety as we would have liked. DimePiece was there (we're fans), but for the most part, there were a lot of jewelry and accessories vendors. Most of the wares were flashy and seriously statement making (look through the galleries and you'll see some of those statements were "I like French fries", "I like rocks", and "HEY LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE").

But the rest of it was pretty over the top. The PopTArt Gallery had an exhibit of a newly unearthed cache of long-lost pinup photos, including quite a few of Bettie Page. Traffic through the exhibit was brisk from the get-go: apparently, everyone likes looking at old pictures of naked girls. And it's interesting to compare what was thought of as a beautiful body back then with what's thought of as being sexy today.

There were a couple of DJs, some impromptu break dancers, semi-famous models, a taco cart and cook that was rumored to have been plucked randomly off some street downtown (which explains why the taco were so flippin' good), and a lot of people who embraced the idea that the world was their runway. Our favorite was a group of girls rocking serious costumes that look like what you'd get if you crossed Ziggy Stardust and Marie Antoinette: big crazy behives, double-wide bouffant skirts, high platforms, and glitter glitter glitter.

It's a semi-regular event: we've been told to look out for it every every month. All in all, it was a supremely good time. If you're into people watching, delicious cupcakes and tacos, and hanging out with folks who take having a good time pretty seriously, you'll definitely want to catch the next one.
· PopTArt Gallery [Official Site]