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Forever21 Knocks Off, Ad Infinitum

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It's not that we are surprised, by any means, but we are more bummed out than usual to see that Forever21 knocked off a small, independent and truly creative line, Feral Childe. We showed you some of our favorite pieces by them earlier this year here. Designed by a bycoastal duo, Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson, the line specializes in whimisical hand made prints...which eventually caught the eye of someone at Forever 21, who slapped Feral Childe's print on dresses and tops. Feral Childe isn't taking this sitting down: they just filed a lawsuit against the retail behemoth in LA, and they have the law on their side. While silhouettes and shapes aren't currently protected under US law, prints, graphics and artworks are: meaning that Forever 21 might finally get what's coming to them. [Racked Inbox; previously]


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