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A Well-Curated Selection of Indie, Art at Co-op 28

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As shows like Unique LA and Thread continue to flourish, they become harder and more taxing for Joe Consumer. How do you wade through the sheer volume of stuff -- most of it good, much of it unnecessary -- to score legitimate treasure?

To us, the newly opened Co-op 28 looks like it's the highlight reel from the indie designer shows. They took over the Vermont Ave. space left by Atmosphere, and they've brought a completely different look, vibe and concept. While Atmosphere championed larger So. Cal indie brands, Co-op 28 is even smaller batch, with an emphasis on the artisanal, handmade and unique. CO28's proprietor Marci Siegel has created a space that feels like it's more about building relationships and discovering new talent, as opposed to just selling tee shirts (though she does that, too).

Co-op 28 is a "soup to nuts" lifestyle store: besides clothing for men, women, children and dogs (and presumably cats), there's art, knickknacks, accessories, a few foodstuffs, and more. They're currently working with about 70 local artists, artisans, designer, and creators, but that number changes daily. Marci is equipped with a terrific eye and a hands-on approach to maintaining the store with products that reflect a certain sensibility, but are all practical, too.

If we had to pick a single word to describe the place, we'd begrudgingly offer boho, because it does offer that carefree, worldly vibe, but it's much more than that. For example, they stock a few of Tess Virgil's 50 Dresses line, which is only maybe 10% boho, 90% sweet chic. We also found a line of handbags to die for?and dye for: M. Andonio bags use supple leather, classic shapes and a rainbow of tie-dye/dip dye colors.

Another item in Co-op 28 that earns some major points: the cashwrap is made from recycled books. (Marci's from a family of book sellers, which explains a lot.) We've never seen anything like it, and it definitely adds a touch of whimsy to the store. Wonder if anyone's tried to pull one out and read it.
· Co-op 28 [Facebook]