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Get a Piece of the Rock: Spoils of the Failed R&R Empire Hit the Auction Block

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Got half a mill? You could be the proud owner of this car that was sort of paid for by $300 jeans.
Got half a mill? You could be the proud owner of this car that was sort of paid for by $300 jeans.

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So, might you be interested in buying an ultra-rare 1965 Shelby Mustang, a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, or 15,000 pairs of Rock & Republic jeans? It's clear no one is that interested in buying the last item, which help explains what we're doing here in the first place: these are just a few of the items being auctioned off on July 26, to help Rock & Republic pay off their creditors in their bankruptcy arrangement. It's difficult to single out just one reason to explain what drove the former denim empire off the cliff. The recession has been unkind to just about everyone, but you didn't see former R&R competitors 7 for All Mankind or Citizens of Humanity whoring out licensing their name to duds that are going to be sold alongside Lauren Conrad's line in Kohl's. High flying (former) CEO Michael Ball played no small role, with his sketchy business practices, conspicuous consumption, and overestimating the power of the brand. Of the brand, he says,"It's amazing what I created and it’s long standing and there’s a legacy there, but if I had to do it again, would I do it differently? One hundred percent." Which is probably why he's going on to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with apparel. If you're really interested, the spoils go up for auction on July 26, with an inspection date of July 25 at 7355 E. Slauson in Commerce.
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