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Natural Wonders: Wooden Soled Shoes

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70s inspired trends come and go, but one of the pieces we've always loved is the wood-bottom shoe. Which feels totally right for summertime, especially the versions with light blond wood. And clogs and clog-style shoes have become a year-round staple. Some of these definitely evoke Farrah Fawcett-feathered hair and the Bee Gees, but the wood-soled shoe is versatile enough to go from the beach to the club?even to the orthopedic surgeon, in the case of the classics that are supposedly endorsed by doctors, Dr. Scholl's.

Pair these leg-lengtheners with shorts, dresses, rompers?we're not big fans of combining these with the so-hot-right-now bells, since it's just a little too retro. And the whole point of these shoes is contrast, so find something with a nice high hem and slide a pair on.
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