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Hundreds of Hats and Retro Styling at Goorin Brothers

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So now that it seems like we'll have sun for more than two hours a day, it's time to invest in a good hat. And we've got a suggestion for you: the new Goorin Brothers store on Larchmont. With a retro vibe and a huge selection of hats at a pricepoint that will make you do a double-take (in the good way), the shop should be one of your first destinations when you stock up on provisions for this long-overdue summer.

They literally have a hat for every occasion (well, we didn't see any sleeping caps). Fedoras, panamas, straw and floppy hats, caps of all kinds, cloches, kiddie hats, and more. All very well made, and quite a few period pieces that looked very authentic. And when we started poking around the store in earnest, we were a little shocked by how inexpensive the hats are. Most of the hats are in the $40 - $50 range, many even lower, only a few that were more than $100. And these are all lovely, durable looking chapeaux! The only thing that explains it is that since this is a company that's really been around -- passed down from generation to generation, 4X -- they've got hat making down to both an art and a science. They're open Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm; Saturday, 10am to 7pm; and Sunday 10am to 6pm.
· Goorin Brothers [Official Site]

Goorin Bros.

141 1/2 Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90004 323-463-2006 Visit Website