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Clever, Chic Leather Goods from Marie Turnor

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Looking at the blog of Beth Goodman's alter-ego Marie Turnor kind of gives us an inferiority complex: not only is is a great blog, but LA-based Goodman is the designer behind one of our new favorite accessories lines. About a month and a half ago, we were just killing time in Mohawk General Store, and the Marie Turnor leather pieces called to us -- like a siren's song, ready to lure our unsuspecting credit card to a fate of being smashed against the rocks of debt. This lady can, apparently, do it all.

The pieces that really caught our fancy are the "lunch sack" creations: the leather is unbelievably glossy and supple, and it's just such a fun and practical silhouette. Even in Mohawk General Store, the wallets hold their own against Comme des Garcon and Clare Vivier -- her origami wallets employ the same level of craftiness as the sack bags, but in colorful exotic skins.

Turnor also makes bags that are a bit more traditional, including a few basic totes, sleek messengers, and a tough but elegant large satchel. Besides Mohawk General Store, you can buy her goods online. Better hurry: thanks to some love Goodman is about to receive in a slew of high-profile mags and media outlets, the bags are probably going to fly out of the shops.
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