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Get Your Groove Back With Some Very Adult Education

Go buck-wild. But don't go there. There are classier options for getting in touch with your inner slut. Image via <a href="">LAWeekly</a>
Go buck-wild. But don't go there. There are classier options for getting in touch with your inner slut. Image via LAWeekly

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So you've been married. Now you're not. And say it's been a long time since you've?been with someone, like in the Biblical sense. Before you go back out there, now's a good time to brush up on your skills. Oh, sure, you could ask a friend (and die of embarrassment) or pick up the latest issue of Cosmo -- and read the same old crap about the 8 places he wants you to touch him with a Scrunchie -- or you could get advice and (relatively) hands-on tips from the pros: some of LA's finest sex shops and adult emporiums offer either special or ongoing workshops dedicated to making you a carnal Albert Einstein.

HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD—The Sunset Strip boutique is home to a semi-regular "variety show" from provocateur Stan Kent (who also seems to be a fixture at the Christian Louboutin boutique). His evening courses tend to be lit-filled and therefore more intellectual than hands-on, but his events cover an array of topics including spanking, kink, cooking as seduction, smutty writing and dirty talk. Hustler Hollywood is at 8920 W. Sunset.

PLEASURE CHEST—While not quite as upscale as the Hustler Boutique, the 'chest has a fuller calendar and classes on a broader variety of subject matter. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, kinky, vanilla, a dude or a chick, you'll probably find something to float your boat. And even though BJs haven't really changed in the past hundred years or so, taking an "all about oral" class from legendary porn star/actress/activist Nina Hartley is a really great way to boost your confidence. The Pleasure Chest is at 7733 Santa Monica Blvd.

PURE DELISH—They're taking a break for a few months, but Culver City dancewear/adult boutique offers sexy dancing lessons, including pole dancing, burlesque and more. Sure, there are about 10,000 places you can take similar classes in LA, but Pure Delish's classes are taught by real live strippers and burlesque dancers. 10746 Washington Blvd.

VOYEUR NIGHTCLUB—If the idea of visiting a sex shop, or going to an "adult" seminar seems a little, uh, advanced, then start slow at West Hollywood's resident strip/nightclub hybrid. Voyeur promises to combine “a timeless backdrop of comfort and elegance with an alluring ambiance of live art and erotica." Opened by Matt Bendik, nightclub and restaurateur (link to:, Voyeur is just like your run of the mill nightclub, except the go go dancers are, quite frankly, missing their tops. The S&M stage show is also hard to miss, as are the scantily clad (read: topless) ladies hanging from their ceiling in nets. Perhaps a little jarring at first for the settled set, but maybe just sexy enough to defrost your post-marriage freeze. Voyeur is located at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd.
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The Pleasure Chest

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