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The Divorcee Sale's Jill Alexander on Life, Divorce and Shopping For What Comes After

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You could almost call Jill Alexander a professional confidante: even though she herself has never been through divorce, she's been there enough times for friends and colleague who have. And in a very "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" moment, she came up with the idea for the Divorcee Sale, the wildly popular event in which recent divorcees unload some of their sartorial baggage, and then Jill combs through and curates it, and then has a fab party where shoppers can buy it -- and the proceeds benefit charity.

In the process, Jill has pretty much seen and heard it all -- stories of heartbreak and triumph, and women not batting an eye as they hand over $5,000 dresses that just remind them too much of a period of their lives they want to get over. And through it all, Jill has come away all the richer for it. So we asked her to share some of her wisdom, secrets, and stories.

From your experiences, what are the best "I'm newly divorced" purchases?
Many divorcées have to change where they live, most of the time needing to downsize, so adding a few new home items that you love can make this transitional time that much easier. They may be more feminine then you would have had in your married life, but your new life is about you and you feeling strong.

Purchase an online dating membership. Snap some casual sassy photo–no touched up head shots, write an uplifting bio (do not include any hate for the ex) and watch the winks and emails roll in. Casual dating at this stage can be great for the ego and just what the doctor ordered.

Lingerie is another must. Empty out that drawer of old discolored, holey, granny panties and ill-fitting bras. Head to Victoria's Secret, La Perla or my favorite Kiki De Montparnasse for some new underpinnings. There's a quiet confidence that comes with wearing some new pretties under your clothes.

In the course of putting together your sales, what are some of the more fantastic/weird items women try to get rid of?
I mostly see women getting rid of very expensive items without batting an eye. They love helping a good cause with something they no longer want. Most likely after a divorce, you lose some weigh and none of your clothes fit. Take the time to clean out your closet, nothing feels better than to purge the past. If you have designer items, call The Divorcée Sale and they will sell them for you while giving money to charity.

If you had to put together a shopping list for the newly divorced -- ie things that are going to soothe your soul, what would be on it?
Well, it's not so much a shopping list, as a list of recommendations of what to do after?Try new workouts. Whatever your workout regime has been up to now (or hasn’t). Switch it up. Maybe it’s something you’ve been nervous to do in your old life. Try Zumba, spinning, pole dancing, kick boxing, Cirque school or even take golf lessons.

Most importantly, get out and have a good time. We all know women going through divorce, put together a group of women in a similar situation and hit the town. Plan to have weekly dinner/drinks at a hot new spot in town.
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