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Start A New Trend...The Anniversary Gifts You Really Want

You want practical? We'll teach you practical. Images via <a href="">Copper Brass Traditions</a> and <a href="
You want practical? We'll teach you practical. Images via Copper Brass Traditions and

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There's a lot of traditions wrapped up in weddings and the like, and anniversary gifts are not excluded. But the list of traditional gifts has grown stale over the years and fallen by the wayside, especially the gifts for the first ten years. We've decided to pick it up, dust it off and send it right back onto the social scene after some hefty plastic surgery (it's the LA way). So here you go:

1. Paper How about an iPad or Kindle? Seriously, who uses paper anymore?
2. Cotton A day at the spa—the honeymoon is over and nerves are getting a little tense on both sides, right?
3. Leather Hey, we like where this one is going.
4. Fruit/flowers If you're going to regress back to first date mode, go to the nicest damn restaurant in your 'hood and order the most expensive thing on the menu.
5. Wood Unless you're buying a house, celebrate this milestone with a badass piece of jewelry.
6. Sugar Yikes, isn't this around the time you let yourself go? How about a new outfit splurge?
7. Copper/wool It's seven-year-itch time. Buy something lacy, and honestly consider a gym membership.
8. Bronze/pottery You survived the seven-year-itch! Celebrate with the most expensive bottle of wine you can find.
9. Pottery/willow Appliances are officially okay now, but only if it's on the level of a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer or a Tassimo coffee maker.
10. Tin Isn't it time to replace your mattress? That baby needs to have a pillow-top. And 1,000-thread-count sheets.

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