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The King of Rodeo Drive; Giambattista Valli X Macy's Rumors; The Least Needed Celebrity Perfume

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· Tacky or brilliant? Mobile ad features a real stripper on a pole [Yo! Venice]
· Celebrating Fred Hayman, the "architect" of Rodeo Drive [All the Rage]
· These pants eliminate the need for those pesky showers [LAT]
· The biggest d-bag on wheels: Spencer Pratt's monster truck on eBay [TMZ]

· Econ 101: why denim jeans cost so much [OCRegister]
· The ugly truth: skinny women earn more than their normal counterparts [FFF]
· Workplace etiquette for shorts [WSJ]
· Oh please God, let this really happen: Giambattista Valli X Macy's [Racked]
· There's always from for another J.Lo fragrance? [The Cut]
· ?unless you're planning on buying Shakira's new scent [Coco Perez]


· First look at Angelina Jolie shilling for Louis Vuitton [Racked NTL]