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Ke$ha Sells Out Palladium; Glitter Sales Skyrocket 1,000%

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Halloween came a few months early -- or maybe it was Mardi Gras a little too late -- for the thousand or so teenage girls who went to see Ke$ha at the Palladium on Friday night. We are proud and happy to say we've never heard a Ke$ha song in our life, we can't say we get it (by which we mean we think her music probably sucks), but wow, the children go bananas for her. We had know idea the Ke$ha demographic skewed so young: the only people over the age of 25 were good-natured moms chaperoning their daughters.

The must-have accessories of the night? Feathered anythings, tons of glitter, Sharpies to write weird Ke$ha shiz on your body, and a total lack of shame and inhibition. Seriously, young ladies, did your mom see you leaving the house in the lame hot pants and sequined tubetops? Too bad cell phone cameras, Twitter and Facebook weren't around when Madonna first started doing her thing, and legions of teenybopper fans were dressing up in her image. We imagine they wouldn't be too dissimilar from the ones we snapped out in front of the Ke$ha show: lot of fishnet, neon, fingerless gloves, platforms, and crop tops (though abs hadn't been invented back then).
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